Floppy Services - Home Page We've worked with awesome folks

We've worked with awesome folks

We work at the forefront, but the efforts of our partners support all our solutions. In order to provide profitable yet cost-effective services to our customers, we have collaborated with some commendable companies and organizations as our business partners. We believe in working as a team as it always multiplies impact, support, and success stories. Over the years, our partners have rendered outstanding backing in realizing the goals of our company. Our partners and clients are the strengthening pillars of our company, and we are grateful to have them on board

Floppy Services - Home Page FloppySend We've got you covered with SMS


We've got you covered with SMS

Today you can find hundreds of messaging applications on mobile, but in order to target your customers, you need to know a particular way by which you can provide updates to your existing and potential customers. SMS messaging app is found in every mobile device irrespective of the choice of the mobile user. With our Floppysend services, you can send bulk SMS to your target audience. You can perform different tasks with the help of an SMS, such as marketing, sending notifications about your products, and much more. The pricing plans of Floppysend is affordable and accessible for all the customers

Floppy Services - Home Page FloppySend We've got you covered with email


We've got you covered with email

With Floppy email marketing solution, you can simplify your E-mail marketing campaigns. We have uniquely-tailored automated solutions to care of your business needs. We have several E-mail templates as well which you can use to target audience. You can trust and rely on our services in order to have increased productivity

Floppy Services - Home Page FloppyStore We've got you covered with e-Commerce


We've got you covered with e-Commerce

If you are new in the e-commerce business or wish to expand your current online business, then Floppystore is the best solution for you. With our curated solutions, you can synchronize your products and services and sell them across via social media networking sites and other marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and much more. With our services, you can easily manage, market, and sell your products and services. We are known for providing world-class services at very affordable prices; therefore, to have unlimited profits from your e-commerce store, you must come to the Floppy e-commerce store.

Floppy Services - Home Page FloppyChat We've got you covered with live chat


We've got you covered with live chat

To maintain customer relationships, it is important for your business to take all the necessary actions. One of the most profitable steps you can take to ensure a happy customer is to leverage Floppy Live Chat solution. With our automated online live Chat, you can reach out to your customers in real-time without facing any troubles. It is the best way to engage the visitors on your website. With our live chat solution, you will take your business to the next level. Our affordable plans are all about reducing your expenses and increasing your sales

Floppy Services - Home Page FloppyHoster We've got you covered with web hosting


We've got you covered with web hosting

To expand your business, you need to have a website where you can showcase your products and services to the world. To do so, you are required to have a unique domain name and hosting services. With Floppyhoster, you will have access to different hosting services ranging from shared hosting, dedicated servers, business web hosting, and much more. We offer multiple plans at every economic pricing plan when it comes to the domain name and web hosting. To get fast and reliable services, get in touch with us

Take Your Business To an Advanced Level With Our Wide Range Of Services!

Floppy Services SMS Services Take Your Business To Advanced Level With Our Wide Range Of Services
SMS Services

You can send bulk SMS in order to give information regarding the updates of your products and services, not only this, but you can send free SMS to your target audiences for sending promotion codes, notifications, discounts, etc. It is one of the cheapest effective ways of marketing.

Floppy Services Email Services Take Your Business To Advanced Level With Our Wide Range Of Services
Email Services

It is one of the conventional methods of marketing, yet this approach is effective and successful for all kinds of business. With the help of our email marketing automation, promotional emails, transactional emails, newsletters can be sent to the target audience. Email blast services are very cost-effective.

Floppy Services E-Commerce Services Take Your Business To Advanced Level With Our Services
E-Commerce Services

Online business is very profitable in today's time. You need to have the best ecommerce platform in order to set up your business without any hassle. There are many automated services that you can use to have a successful online business

Floppy Services E-Commerce Services Live Chat Services
Live Chat Services

Enabling live chat services on your website will help you in having long-lasting relations with the customers. By leveraging a web chat platform, you can answer all your customers and visitors' queries in a very quick manner.

Floppy Services E-Commerce Services Web Hosting Services
Web Hosting Services

Cost-effective, fast, and reliable web hosting services are required by all businesses so that they can have a user-friendly website. With our web hosting services, your customers can have access to an excellent looking website. Depending on the requirements of your business, you can choose different web hosting plans.

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